Git Svn

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I love git, but most of my jobs use svn. Fortunatly, you can use a local git repository, and push to a distance svn repository. To clone from a repository on external drive git svn clone “file:///u/[01] – Projet/PathToYourProject” To … Continued

Video Footage

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I create videos using my drones. These footage cover one of my other passion : GN and TrollBall Disclaimer : I am a programmer, these are not professional footage, but I do like them 🙂 Watch more over my channel … Continued

Bebop 2 FPV Racing

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Here is a copy of an interesting guide to hack the Bebop 2: BeebopHackingGuide 1_7_2 BebopHackingGuide 1_6_1 This guide has been made by nicknack And the orignal link on github here And then, the forum post where I found it Best Wifi … Continued

Unity Reducing size of your build

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Here is some tips to reduce your Unity build for any platform. Be smart, and adapted these advices to your project. Graphics Textures are what usually takes up the most space and performance. Take good care with your artist, like … Continued

Amazon Store !

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November, 10, 2015 I heard a lots of news from Amazon Store. They seem to bring lots of developers using adverts and promotions. According to the mail I receive fom Amazon: Dear Developer,   Publish your first app to the Amazon Appstore … Continued

Cardboard + Oculus on Unity 5

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This tutorial shows you how to integrat the Cardboard SDK AND Oculus SDK into a unique Unity project.   The maining is to build a project for each platform with minimum changes.     First, integrate the Carboard SDK following … Continued

Finger Gun

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Ce jeu qui est l’un de mes premiers permet à un joueur de mesurer son adresse et sa rapidité pour “tuer” l’autre adversaire. Deux modes de jeux sont déja disponible. Un troisième devrait voir le jour permettant de ….