Unity Animation inside Animator

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To nest Animation inside an animator like this Open the Animator & animation files with any text editor Copy the Animation content at the beggining of the Animator file Save

Unreal Controllers Mapping

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GamePad Oculus Vive Windows Mixed Reality Get motion controller Thumbstick X -> range -1, 1 Trackpad X axis Get motion controller Thumbstick Y -> range -1, 1 Trackpad Y axis Get motion controller Triggeraxis -> range -1, 1 Trigger Event: … Continued

Binaural sound Spatialization

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In a few words, binaural is a technique based on head shapes to produce better sound spatialization. Specially useful to detect front/forward/up/down sound. Here is a short explain Integrate to Unreal Quick and easy, as long as you can find … Continued

Unreal Mirror & Blur

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How to Mirror Apply a mat with Roughtness 0 and specular/metalic 1. Set base color to white. This define the object this material is apply to as reflecting. Then, Unreal will use efficiently multiple capture composant that you have to … Continued

WIP Unity Networking

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Connexion using UnityEngine.Networking; Netwok.connect : previous Unity connexion system. doesn’t communicate with the new UNet system NetworkManager use NetworkServer & NetworkClient to handle connections for both client and server side NetworkLobbyManager : herite from NetworkManager. Add lobby scene where clients are registered NetworkDiscovery … Continued

Unity Texture, Texture2D, RenderTexture

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In Unity, I get struggle some times to figure out what’s the difference between Texture, Texture2D and RenderTexture. In simple words Texture represent the GPU (graphic card memory) side of a Texture RenderTexture, based on Texture, add the shader/material management … Continued

Unreal 4 bad stuff

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This is a personal list of what I feel bad using Unreal. Disclaimer : I still enjoy using Unreal. The more you see, the more I use that engine Interface Rename folder create 2 folders instead Delete empty folder doesn’t … Continued

Git Svn

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I love git, but most of my job use svn. Fortunatly, you can use a local git repository, and push to a distance svn repository.   To clone from a repository on external drive git svn clone “file:///u/[01] – Projet/PathToYourProject” … Continued