Privacy Policy : Light gun


Privacy Policy Farges built the Light Gun app as a Free app. This SERVICE is provided by Farges at no cost and is intended for use as is. This page is used to... READ MORE


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Mavic air extend radio range Change from CE radio signal to FFC stronger one : Enable fake gps and set to USA Start the drone, connect with the app and change region settings.... READ MORE

Unreal migrate code


For Blueprint in the content, right clic on it, migrate.For source code, you can: Simple Way Copy past the directory inside , add YourOldProject to Source/YourNewProject.Target > ExtraModuleName.AddRange && to YourNewProject.uproject add “Modules”:... READ MORE

Play VR PC on Oculus Quest


Nowadays : Use Oculus Link Old Days:Download a special apk for Virtual Desktop : Use adb install or SideQuest application to install it over the Oculus QuestDownload & install the virutal desktop... READ MORE

Unreal Networking


Full class for networking in Unreal a local copy, just in case : Tools for profiling :Netprofile on/off Using Replication over variable is clever : does not send data if same value... READ MORE