Privacy Policy : Light gun

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Privacy Policy Farges built the Light Gun app as a Free app. This SERVICE is provided by Farges at no cost and is intended for use as is. This page is used to inform visitors regarding my policies with the … Continued


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Mavic air extend radio range Change from CE radio signal to FFC stronger one : Enable fake gps and set to USA Start the drone, connect with the app and change region settings. Switch off, and never accept to change … Continued

Unreal migrate code

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For Blueprint in the content, right clic on it, migrate.For source code, you can: Simple Way Copy past the directory inside [Source/YourOldProject], add YourOldProject to Source/YourNewProject.Target > ExtraModuleName.AddRange && to YourNewProject.uproject add “Modules”: [{ “Name”: “YourOldProject”, “Type”: “Runtime”, “LoadingPhase”: “Default”} … Continued

Play VR PC on Oculus Quest

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Nowadays : Use Oculus Link Old Days:Download a special apk for Virtual Desktop : Use adb install or SideQuest application to install it over the Oculus QuestDownload & install the virutal desktop streamerFollow Virtual Desktop instruction. The official Virtual … Continued

Unreal Networking

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Full class for networking in Unreal a local copy, just in case : Tools for profiling :Netprofile on/off Using Replication over variable is clever : does not send data if same value is set (But trigger OnRep locally (on … Continued

Unreal C++/Blueprint

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UCLASS( ClassGroup=(Custom), meta=(BlueprintSpawnableComponent) ) class PLUGIN_API UMyClass: public UActorComponent { GENERATED_BODY() // use dynamic multicast, more option here DECLARE_DYNAMIC_MULTICAST_DELEGATE(FOnCustomDispatch); public: UPROPERTY(BlueprintAssignable) FOnCustomDispatch OnCustomDispatch ; } […] OnCustomDispatch.Broadcast(); UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=”Switch Variables”) float DesiredIntensity; more info :

Build IOs Unity

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Unity > Build IOS, genere un project XCode Aller sur un Mac ouvrir le projet avec XCode Generate Distribution certificat (.cer) Add mobile Provision profile Generate a package (.ipa)