Unreal GPU/CPU Profiling

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First of, Project Settings > General Settings > Disable smooth framerate Open project and disable/destoy object one by one and write down new performance Use Wireframe mode to know if vertex count is an isue. GPU Render doc / intel gpa > … Continued

Store Oculus/Vive/Viveport

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Oculus has high requierement. Once done, Vive/Viveport while work straightforward.Oculus Build is not compatible with Vive/Viveport while Oculus must disable SteamVR plugin Unreal : To get your icon and application name wihtin the Task handler (instead of UE4Game.exe) you need … Continued

VR Games to play

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Must play BeatSaber Half Life : Alyx Lone Echo Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son Rec Room Pistol Whip Gorn I Expect You To Die Super Hot The Lab Play with friends Rec Room BeatSaber Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes … Continued

UE4 Clean project

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Use versionning Right Clic on your levels, migrate to another empty project Close Unreal Delete all your Content Copy Content from your other empty project Using Sourcretree/Git, remove all new assets All remaining deletion are your unused asset, modulo languages … Continued

Unreal Stereo Capture

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2 plugins Ansel plugin For Video capture, need special plugin : https://github.com/rdeioris/AnselCapture/releases More options, work pretty well for monoscopic capture, but have a really bad view for close objects (2-3m) in Stereoscopic Built in with Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture More tipsWork … Continued

Unreal Localization

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Global Setup Project Settings > Packaging > > Localizations to Package Check what you need > Internationalization Support Change to what you need (EFIGS for example) Then, from blueprint use Set Current Culture (set to en, fr-FR, …) & Reopen … Continued

Rename Unreal Project

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Lazy Way https://fargesportfolio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/UE4ProjectRenamer.zip Executable from VR expension plugin You still need to clean your project to package (git clean -xfd) Hardcord Gamer Way Clean your Project (git clean -xfd) Change .uproject File Name Edit .uproject and rename OldName to NewName Change … Continued

New Unreal project

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Create a Git repository and add a Gitignore file Check what your might need as plugins and tools to determine the right Engine version to use ProjectSettings > Collision. Clean Collision presets and keep only what you need to avoid … Continued

Unreal Log

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// Like Blueprint Print UKismetSystemLibrary::PrintString(this, “Your message”); // Just to log UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT(“Your message”)); // Just to screen GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(-1, 1.5, FColor::White,text)     If you start a print by “Error:” or “Warning:” it will be display in red/orange