Unreal Console & Argument

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To use Console commande line : UFUNCTION(Exec)void EnableMovement(bool enable); To Read Executable argument : if (FParse::Param(FCommandLine::Get(), TEXT(“EnableMovement”)))

Unreal GPU/CPU Profiling

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First of, Project Settings > General Settings > Disable smooth framerate Open project and disable/destoy object one by one and write down new performance Use Wireframe mode to know if vertex count is an isue. GPU Render doc / intel gpa > … Continued

Unreal Localization

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Global Setup Project Settings > Packaging > > Localizations to Package Check what you need > Internationalization Support Change to what you need (EFIGS for example) Then, from blueprint use Set Current Culture (set to en, fr-FR, …) & Reopen … Continued

GitIgnore Unreal&Unity

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My proper Gitignore for Unity  Temp/ Obj/ UnityGenerated/ Library/ [Bb]uild/ [Bb]uilds/ Assets/AssetStoreTools* # Visual Studio cache directory .vs/ # Autogenerated VS/MD/Consulo solution and project files ExportedObj/ .consulo/ *.csproj *.unityproj *.sln *.suo *.tmp *.user *.userprefs *.pidb *.booproj *.svd *.pdb *.opendb *.VC.db … Continued