Teesside University, England, 2011 by Mr. Farges Maelyss

Short Description:

Animation module aimed to teach skills to program effects useful in gaming industry : Bezier curve, key framing, particles system and more.


It is build with TYGA, a 3D library under development builded by Tyrone Davison.

It conclued to produce three different product exploiting complex algorithms.

The first one is animation of a Wasp. It contain rotor rotation, Wasp movement and
a special bonus I personnaly added : a boost movement. I learn model animation.

The second one is to build particles systems. This particles system is used to
build fire, smoke, and explosions effect applied to missiles and wasp. My system give a
lots of tools to personnalize the particles system, such as the particul per second,
the scale and the size of each.

The last part is to animate missiles used by an helicopter called Wasp
and the camera.
The camera can follow the wasp and is able to switch between
multiply target nicely, the target of the camera can be a wasp, or a missile. I used
euler, key framming and Bezier curve.

Enjoy the result in the video above. You can also try it by yourself with demos.

Video SoundTrack : supercopter airwolf