Teesside University, England, 2011 by Mr. Farges Maelyss

Short Description:
Creation from scratch of two games with XNA : a 2D top view Shoot’em up including self-made sprites animations
and a 3D first person shooter including a self-made world editor.

Game Engine Construction (GEC) and Game Software Development (GSD) are both part of the same module.
It result in the creation of two games, the first one is Unforesta, a 2D game using HAPI library,
created by Keith Ditchburn
and the second one is Run, a 3D Speed Obstacle Course game using XNA.

In Unforesta (GEC), the action take place in a huge forest in south of the Kingdom of Travianne,
when the Devil Margan has kidnap the Lady Gagae.
You are the Hero and have to save her for the freedom of the Kingdom, or anything else.
You will face wave of monsters, infinite of course, and try to beat the high score.
It is object oriented, displaying animated pictures and sounds. Controls are basic with arrow key to move and
spacebar to fire.

In Run (GSD), player run away from The
Big Skeleton and dodge every elements in his way until he reach the exit, get a super weapon and
fight back.
After completing the first level, the player can use the world builder to design his own level. With the
world builder, the player can place buildings, enemies, falling objects, boss and a player on the map.
But an advance knowledge is require to place rally point in order to move elements during the game.

To use source code, install Microsoft Visual studio 2010.
Enjoy both games by downloading the Demo in links above!
To play Run, please install XNA or follow this link and use a Xbox Controller to use the world editor.

Video soundtrack : Unreal Tournament