Grenoble, Mars, 2015

by Farges Maelyss @ MysteryFX

Freelance on the Hisartour project. A Unity web and mobile tool for creating online historical battle for augmented reality.

European collaboration with Austrians (server side) and Spaniards (augmented reality side).

Has been first designed to see the Battle of Graz.


Hisartour is a mobile application that can reenact battles, allocate troops and make them act in the battle field.

The battles are editable to create new scenarios and movements, recreations that brings another perspective from user’s point of view, with no limitations. The mobile applications can later access these scenarios and play them live.


From a single Unity project, two applications are provided :

-WebGL online battle editor. Register in the webpage and access battle edition, where you can allocate and command availables troops and even upload your own textures.

-Android apk for mobile and tablet. where the user can watch the battle in live, from a top view or even an A.R. experience using geolocalisation and camera.