Teesside University, England, 2013

by Programmers : Farges Maelyss, Matty Bryan, Paul Dawson, Billy Atkinson
Artists : Trung Thanh Hang, Keeneth Ersdal, Sean Hanrahan, Markus Faye Rode
Designers : Steven Welford, Georgios Xenitidis

Short Description:

“Germz” is an original platform game entirely envisioned and created by a team of internationnal student including 3 programmers, 2 designers and 4 artists.
I program all the game but the bosses and menus.


The objective of this project is to replicate the work pipeline used in the video game’s industry today. It is teaching us how to work as a team on a complete project, how to handle unexpected issues with such projects and be aware of the difficulties encountered by creating a game from scratch.
Our team, named “MotionLess” is composed of almost every type of member you could possibly need to make a game: Artist, Designer and Programmer. Usually we would have Animators, but because there is only a few of them in the university, not every group like us get one.