Teesside University, England, 2011 by Mr. Farges Maelyss

Short Description:
Program a game for Ios named « Sum It Up » and another game for Android using device tools like Gyroscope and Bluetooth.
Another project group done with 3 programmers : Aku Kolu, Vincent Avaby and Robert Dennington aimed to design an original game using geolocation and augmented reality.

This module lead to understand and program on mobile devices such as Smartphone.
It result to the creation of two games, on for Android and another for Ios, and a project brainstorming to define a new game concept using the most of nowadays Smartphone.

The first project was a game on IOs called Sum Ut Up. The Player blow up two balloons marked with numbers. The addition of both numbers have to correspond the asked one.
He have to be fast, because a timer is counting down. Each good answer give more time, but wrong ones remove time. When the counter reach 0, the game is over and his score is added to the leader board.

The second project was a project group done with Aku Kolu, Vincent Avaby and Robert Dennington. It aimed to design an original game using geolocation and augmented reality.
Our game is a multiple game in one. It gives tools to an online community so they can build their own game. These tools are multiple:

  • Geolocation that ensure the player is at a specific place, or following a path in real life
  • Augmented reality like creating virtual object the player can interact with via the camera and his Smartphone
  • Augmented reality where the game will recognize real object via the camera
  • Mini games like face raiders

For example, the player should follow clues to find a mysterious book in his favorite library, and then recognize the book with his phone camera. Of course those clues are protected by artificial enemies the player will have to defeat with his phone in several different minigames.
An interesting behavior is every players would meet new players and developers will playing the games. Maybe two players will play the same game at the same place at the same time ?
You can have a look on the power point presentation linked above.

The last project is Finger Gun, an Android game. Players uses their phone as a gun!

You can challenge a friend in a gun duel, or do a solo practical mode to beat your high score.
It uses Gyroscope and touch screen abilities to detect when the phone is putted down by your side, ready to wait the third bell, and shoot! It also uses Bluetooth connectivity to transfer data for the two players mode.
Transfer .apk file on your Android phone and install it. Think to authorize unknown source in your phone’s settings.

I am currently producing a game for Android market based on the same system. Coming soon.