IUT2 Grenoble, 2010 by Mr. Farges Maelyss

Short Description:
A C++ interpreter to compile a pseudo-language.

This c++ interpreter compile simple language written code using trees and symboles recognitions.

It is capable to recognize controles, affectations, booleens expressions and some more complex instructions:

  • if, then, else, while, for
  • i=0
  • switch, case
  • and, or, ==, !=, <, <=, >, >=
  • read, write input output instructions

It also avoid commented code designed by a # and unused space like back to line or space.

In the source file linked above is a documention about the project, done with the software Doxygen.

This school project has been conclued by a viva for which I had prepared some test support you can find in the folder programmeTest, also contained into the source file.

Compiled for Linux only. If you compile it for Windows, please fell free to send me the package.