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November, 10, 2015

I heard a lots of news from Amazon Store. They seem to bring lots of developers using adverts and promotions.

According to the mail I receive fom Amazon:

Dear Developer,


Publish your first app to the Amazon Appstore between October 1st – November 1st and we’ll help you drive installs, monetize, and scale your app with a Success Bundle worth up to $700 including:


• $100 Ad Campaign with Advertise Your App

• Doubled Earnings up to $500 with the
Amazon Mobile Ad Network

• A $100 AWS promotional credit


So, today, I just fall into it and will publish Asteroids VR on their Store !

Get it on Google Play

Furthermore, I will use Amazon Ads and compare how much money I will earn with Android Ads I am currently using.


That sounds great !

Novembre 28, 2015

I receive that mail :

Thank you for publishing your app to the Amazon Appstore. We have verified your request and have provided your Success Bundle promo codes below for Advertise Your App (AYA) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It did work!

Asteroids VR is now available on the Underground Amazon store, which looks great.

Here it is

Asteroids Banner


What I can say for now is quite bad about Amazon store. First, you need to download their Underground App store. Second, they don’t show you clearly how many downloads you have.

Furthermore, I don’t get much more money from my ads, so it is not really a success.


But today, I just did start my first adds campaign!

Just put the 100$ they gave me on a small and simple banner campaign and lets see what happens!
If you do see my banner somewhere around, have a twink for me and post a comment bellow 🙂

Keep in touch 🙂



Just a quick pass : this 100$ campaign didn’t generate more downloads. Moreover, since my traffic is not high enough, I didn’t generate any revenu with Amazone for now.

That’s all for today folks


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