Unity performance Check

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Nice tutorials https://blog.unity.com/technology/performance-benchmarking-in-unity-how-to-get-started How to install : Unity Test Framework https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.test-framework@1.3/manual/index.html Template

Own Cloud

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How to Install NextCloud on Raspberry Pi 3 4 years agoby Shahriar Shovon NextCloud is a self-hosted file sharing software. You can easily install NextCloud on Raspberry Pi 3 to build a cost-effective file-sharing server on your home network. In … Lire la suite­­

Auto Quest Link!

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If you want to automatically connect your Meta Quest 2 when plugging it to your pc through USB, use this small guide First, install adb https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/package/oculus-adb-drivers/ Second execute that script from a command line terminal – adb shell am start … Lire la suite­­

Unity Code Showcase

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ParticlesSystem_ShowPlayerData Use Particles system & delegate system to efficiently shows player’s data in a fill up bar with thousounds of particles, because why not ! PoolManagerNetwork Both Combined to handle death & respawn of objects that dies/respawn a lot. Online_Destructible … Lire la suite­­

Blueprint good pratice

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Use Sequence Caution, sequence are executed in the right order BUT if you use delay, it wont wait for the next sequence to begin