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I love git, but most of my jobs use svn.

Fortunatly, you can use a local git repository, and push to a distance svn repository.

To clone from a repository on external drive

git svn clone "file:///u/[01] - Projet/PathToYourProject"

To have git svn AND git on the same project, first git svn clone then add your git repository

And more documentation here :

After that, you can switch to Git and keep all your history by mirroring your SVN to Git

git clone --mirror
// Or if your new git repository already exist
git push --mirror
// Depth local clone (copy) ($(pwd) = local directory)
git clone --mirror --depth=1 file://$(pwd)/../originalRepo

More information here

Yes, I will not explain everything, just some personal tips. Find more online!

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