Teesside University, England, 2010-2012 by Mr. Farges Maelyss

Short Description:
Program a client-server application on top of a complex multiplayer games using UDP and TCP.
Design a document to enhance the game and make it a massive multiplayer game for a fictive compagny.

I took this module two years and this result to produce two project.

The aim of the first project done in 2011 is to build a client-server application that synchronises positions of
avatars moved by users in individual clients with other users connected to the server. The
communication between server and client will be done using UDP while connections will be done using TCP.

The second project done in 2012 aims at reproducing a potential real-life scenario, whereby a company just hired me to complete their online game prototype and investigate further development.
The game prototype is a modified version of the game “Bouncing Tournament”. This basic multiplayers game will be a MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) game for up to 500 players, running on multiple platforms (PC / MAC / iPad / Mobile) of a 2D top view multiplayer game where player’s avatar fights in real time in massive level by throwing bouncing projectiles against each other until death.
Of course, I do not did all these specifications, but what I done is building the multiplayer communication in a non blocking way, and produce a report about how to make all these happen. It also contain a poster containing communication diagram and a documentation javadoc-generated.

Enjoy the report linked above. Or play the game with the game demo.
Open the source code with Eclipse. For the first project, you can run the chat Server, then join with any client you want.