Teesside University, England, 2012 by Mr. Farges Maelyss

Short Description:
Create a 3D engine which handles and generate a theoretically infinite world.

Personal Project module offer us the opportunity to research and produce a work about the subject we want.

My subject was to build a 3D engine which handles a theoretically infinite world where a player can fly around without overloading the system.
The purpose is to be able to compute a whole universe, which contains galaxies, solar systems and planets. The player can get a transition seamlessly from orbit to planetary atmospheres.

There were two main point I studying during this project : level of details and the generation of the entire universe I done thanks to Perlin Noise Algorithm.
After choosing this subject, if found an interesting project online which show exactly where I wanted to end : Infinity. Of course, I have not been that far, but this project is still a good realization, and furthermore, this project makes me discover new set of tools and experience to use for my future in game’s programming.

This product end with a huge report and a game demo you both can download and see in links above.
To play with the demo, please install XNA and use a Xbox Controller.