IUT2 Grenoble, 4 avril – 10 juin 2011 by Mr. Farges Maelyss

Short Description:
Intership with Laboratories G- scop at Grenoble to enhance a huge Java application “Swhift” and create a USB driver to connect it with eBeam.

Laboratories G- scop work to meet the scientific challenges of the changing industry. With the support of the CNRS in Grenoble, the INP and the University Joseph Fourier, G- SCOP working on product design, management of production systems and industrial optimization.

I been part of the integrated design center in the field of collaborative design.
The meaning of my job is to help the collaboration between different experts involved in design business products by offering software tool allowing everyone to use a trade-specific range of specialized tools, without cluttering other experts trades with useless tools in their area of expertise.

For this reseach, Philippe Marin, my tutor, is the project director and research professor in the field of collaborative design integrated design center. My team was also composed with Valentin Baumont, student in first year in Master IT.

This internship was composed by two objectives.
At first, fix some bug in the software produced by the laboratory G -Scop, Swhift. This first step, in addition to improving the software, allowed to me a good assimilation of its code. In a second step, I needed to link Swhift with eBeam.

Ebeam is a collection of pens and a sensor. The user can write directly on a real white board. The plus, is that the writing is instantly transcribed on a computer.

To link Swhift to eBeam, no interface has been designed. So I had to capture data transmitted by eBeam in USB with USB Monitor. Then I analyzed the signals and decode the information. The last part, the hardest one was to find and use a Java library for transmitting the received USB data to the Swhift application. JSR80, Jusb and libusb were studied. Finally, libusb has been used and all work has been factored into an API to make it easy to use for future workers on this project.

This internship has been conclued by a viva. The Power Point presentation is linked above.

You can see all details about this work in the report linked above.