Binaural sound Spatialization

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In a few words, binaural is a technique based on head shapes to produce better sound spatialization. Specially useful to detect front/forward/up/down sound.

Here is a short explain

Integrate to Unreal

Quick and easy, as long as you can find the correct documentation all over internet… (MixedAudio Steam Example)

  1. Unreal 4.16 > 4.20
    1. In your engine folder, you will want to edit the WindowsEngine.ini file located here:
      Or your project folder, here:
      (If you don’t have one, you can create one)
    2. Enter the following:
    3. Unreal 4.16 > 4.20 : Open the project using a shortcut with command line flag: -audiomixer
  2. Click on Edit>Plugins>Built-In>Audio>Steam Audio Plugin > Enable
  3. In your Sound Attenuation settings
    1. Set Attenuation Spatialization > Spatialization Method to Binaural
    2. Set Attenuation Plugin Settings > Plugin Settings to your source settings (just create one)

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