Input Controllers Mapping

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Windows Mixed Reality

Event: MotionController FaceButton1 -> Trackpad click up
Event: MotionController FaceButton2 -> Trackpad click right
Event: MotionController FaceButton3 -> Trackpad click down
Event: MotionController FaceButton4 -> Trackpad click left

Event: MotionController Shoulder -> Home Button

Nothing for the Thumbstick


Vibration (4.19)

  • Vibration doesn’t seams to works properly over WMR

Notes (4.19)

  • Face button doesn’t exist on Vive & WMR
  • Thumbstick is a Trackpad on WMR & Vive
  • Shoulder doesn’t exist on Oculus – closest one is GamePad Special Right (but only works over the right hand)

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