Unreal GPU/CPU Profiling

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First of, Project Settings > General Settings > Disable smooth framerate

Open project and disable/destoy object one by one and write down new performance

Use Wireframe mode to know if vertex count is an isue.


Render doc / intel gpa > analyse une frame GPU

Warning if no install on other computer, break

ctrl + shift + coma > GPU visualizer


unreal profiler https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Engine/Performance/Profiler

Stat StartFile
Stat StopFile

Then start Window/developer Tools/Session Frontend, load you file (inside [ProjectName]/Saved/Profiling/…) and look for the GameThread.


Start FPS & stat unit(graph) (max)

Start Scenerendering or Stat GPU> cost of translucency

r.screenpercentage > know if we are pixel-bounds (most issue is translucent)

Overdraw Keep triangle big and even, count don’t matter that much

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