Rename Unreal Project

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Lazy Way Executable from VR expension plugin You still need to clean your project to package (git clean -xfd) Hardcord Gamer Way Clean your Project (git clean -xfd) Change .uproject File Name Edit .uproject and rename OldName to NewName Change … Continued

New Unreal project

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Create a Git repository and add a Gitignore file Check what your might need as plugins and tools to determine the right Engine version to use ProjectSettings > Collision. Clean Collision presets and keep only what you need to avoid … Continued

Unreal Log

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// Like Blueprint Print UKismetSystemLibrary::PrintString(this, “Your message”); UKismetSystemLibrary::PrintString(this, FString(“Enable movement to “) + FString(enable ? “true” : “false”)); // Just to log UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT(“Your message”)); // Just to screen GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(-1, 1.5, FColor::White,text) If you start a print by “Error:” … Continued

GitIgnore Unreal&Unity

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My proper Gitignore for Unity  Temp/Obj/UnityGenerated/Library/[Bb]uild/[Bb]uilds/Assets/AssetStoreTools* # Visual Studio cache directory.vs/ # Autogenerated VS/MD/Consulo solution and project filesExportedObj/.consulo/*.csproj*.unityproj*.sln*.suo*.tmp*.user*.userprefs*.pidb*.booproj*.svd*.pdb*.opendb*.VC.db # Unity3D generated meta files*.pidb.meta*.pdb.meta # Unity3D Generated File On Crash Reportssysinfo.txt # Builds*.apk*.unitypackage Unreal DebugGame**Shipping***/Intermediate**/Saved/.vs**/Build**/Builds*.sln*.pdb**.dbConfig/SteamVRBindingsConfig/Steamvr_ue_editor_app.json #build ignore##Windows*.exe*.expBinaries/**/*.lib*.target ##AndroidBinaries/Android/**   Tools Remove … Continued


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Recently, our SVN repository break with a Malformed representation header error. To fix it, we use dump method to save our repository without the broken commit, then reconstruct a new repository and file it using load command. $ svnadmin dump -r 1:1000 … Continued

Unity Animation inside Animator

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To nest Animation inside an animator like this Open the Animator & animation files with any text editor Copy the Animation content at the beggining of the Animator file Save

Input Controllers Mapping

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GamePad Oculus Vive Windows Mixed Reality Event: MotionController FaceButton1 -> Trackpad click up Event: MotionController FaceButton2 -> Trackpad click right Event: MotionController FaceButton3 -> Trackpad click down Event: MotionController FaceButton4 -> Trackpad click left Event: MotionController Shoulder -> Home Button … Continued

Binaural sound Spatialization

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In a few words, binaural is a technique based on head shapes to produce better sound spatialization. Specially useful to detect front/forward/up/down sound. Here is a short explain Integrate to Unreal Quick and easy, as long as you can find … Continued