Unity Networking

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Connexion using UnityEngine.Networking; Netwok.connect : previous Unity connexion system. doesn’t communicate with the new UNet system NetworkManager use NetworkServer & NetworkClient to handle connections for both client and server side NetworkLobbyManager : herite from NetworkManager. Add lobby scene where clients are registered NetworkDiscovery … Continued

Unity Texture, Texture2D, RenderTexture

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In Unity, I get struggle some times to figure out what’s the difference between Texture, Texture2D and RenderTexture. In simple words Texture represent the GPU (graphic card memory) side of a Texture RenderTexture, based on Texture, add the shader/material management … Continued

Unreal 4 bad stuff

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This is a personal list of what I feel bad using Unreal. Disclaimer : I still enjoy using Unreal. The more you see, the more I use that engine Interface Rename folder create 2 folders instead Delete empty folder doesn’t … Continued

Git Svn

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I love git, but most of my jobs use svn. Fortunatly, you can use a local git repository, and push to a distance svn repository. To clone from a repository on external drive git svn clone “file:///u/[01] – Projet/PathToYourProject” To … Continued

Video Footage

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I create videos using my drones. These footage cover one of my other passion : GN and TrollBall Disclaimer : I am a programmer, these are not professional footage, but I do like them 🙂 Watch more over my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHX2vUyiUL4J8olbBfBNZRQ … Continued

Bebop 2 FPV Racing

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Here is a copy of an interesting guide to hack the Bebop 2: BeebopHackingGuide 1_7_2 BebopHackingGuide 1_6_1 This guide has been made by nicknack And the orignal link on github here And then, the forum post where I found it Best Wifi … Continued

Unity Reducing size of your build

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Here is some tips to reduce your Unity build for any platform. Be smart, and adapted these advices to your project. Graphics Textures are what usually takes up the most space and performance. Take good care with your artist, like … Continued